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In this article, we discuss the various cross necklace styles that are available.

Cross necklace styles include an endless number of options because of the creative variations in design for them continues day after day. Creating cross necklaces is a passion of the heart due to our love for Jesus Christ.

Cross necklace designs range from different materials and sizes and shapes which result in different shapes and weights accordingly. Colors and gemstones can be applied for decoration and meaning. Engraving also be used to write for our special messages.

There are there are many factors to consider when choosing a cross necklace including weight, shape, size, material which we discussed in a previous article linked here. These are also factors when considering the various styles of cross necklaces.

Some examples of pocular styles would include wooden crosses, metal crosses, ceramic crosses, and crystal studded crosses... and many more.


Wood Crosses

Wood cross can be old school or modern, but tend to give an authentic natural feel to it in either case.  

Remember, the original cross was made out of wood. 

Metal Crosses

Metal cross can be made with various types of metal.  The most common and durable is Stainless Steel. Others include various types of alloy, like Zinc Alloy for example. They are generally strong long lasting metals. 

Stainless Steel Gold and Silver are colored, not real silver or gold, unless of course they indicate real gold and the number of Karats of gold or the percentage of gold.  

For real Silver, it would indicate "925 Silver or Sterling Silver" - metals containing less the 9.25 % silver are not consider "Sterling Silver".

Stainless Steel is more durable that pure silver, can hold a shine more, and it does not tarnish.


Crystal Studded Crosses

These crystal studded crosses really do add a nice touch of sparkle.  They work great for both women or men in general, with some styles being more feminine and others more masculine.  In general, everyone loves a good sparkle to add elegance, attractiveness, and bling-bling uppity up. 


Prayer Crosses

Prayer crosses are blessed by having prayers written, engraved or embossed directly on the cross or necklace piece in some way.  It is a way to carry both the cross and a prayer at the same time.


Crucifix Crosses  

The crucifix cross shows Jesus on the cross to remind one that Jesus died on the cross for their sins so that they may have life, eternal life. (Holy Bible Reference: John 3:14)

When someone is under attack by negativity, darkness, and or forces of evil, they can look to the cross and live.  (Holy Bible Reference: Numbers 21:9)  

The crucifix cross has Catholic origins.  The crucifix cross is on the Rosary. 


The Rosary

The Rosary has beads used for prayer.  It traditionally has the crucifix cross.  However, it may have the standard cross (not necessarily the crucifix cross). 

How to Pray the Rosary Image from St Jude Osh Kosh website


Gender Specific Crosses

When shopping for clothing or accessories, it is common to categories items into "Women's" and "Men's".  For cross necklaces, there really isn't a cross that is only for one gender necessarily; however, they can be categorized in this way to help people find what they are looking for in terms of styles that are more feminine or more masculine.  

For example, heavy duty larger rugged crosses would be considered "Men's".  On the other hard, lighter weight smaller delicate cross would be considered "Women's".  

As always, the choice is for the individual wearing the cross.  

For more information on the various cross types, you can visit the Wikipedia page on cross variants: 

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