There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right cross necklace for you or as a gift. We will discuss these factors in this blog article.

Selecting the right cross necklace for yourself or someone else can be easy if you know what you're looking for and find it right away.  On the other hand, it can be challenging if you an idea but haven't found it yet. Or perhaps what you have already isn't working out for you for some reason but you still want to have a cross necklace.

The main considerations in choosing a cross necklace are size, weight, material and style.

Size and Weight

The size of a cross on a necklace is often the first and most practical consideration, considering its weight, due to the fact it is worn around the neck.

To select a cross necklace with a comfortable weight, you may want to weigh one that you feel comfortable with already, to use its weight as a measure of what works well for you. 

Size can also affect weight.  The smaller the cross, the lighter it will be, depending on the material of course. 

Size is a consideration in visual appearance. A large cross stand out from a distance. A smaller cross can fit into various outfits nicely.

Often men prefer larger crosses while women often prefer smaller crosses, simply for these reasons.


The primary materials for making crosses are wood, metal and gemstones.

Wood has a lighter, natural, warmer feel compared to metal.  Metal has a denser, heavier and cooler feel to it.  Gemstones can be added for color, energy, and sparkle.

The material becomes especially important if the cross necklace is going to be worn around the neck for a longer period of time.  In most cases, light weight, smooth edge, stainless steel chain can be the best combination of comfort and durability.  Another great option is a light weight wooden cross or stainless steel cross that uses a robe as its chain. 

High quality stainless steel is the least reactive metal that is light weight enough and durable.  

Alloy metals can contain various metals that could potentially be reactive to sensitive skins or perspiration produced by the skin. On the other hand, they are fine when used for ornamental or decorative purposes, such as hanging from a car's rear view mirror, hanging on a Christmas tree, or hanging on a wall for decoration and or protection. 

Plastic or acrylic is usually the least durable, since the material may naturally wear down or break down over time. However, if it is rarely worn or hanging in a safe place, then it would last longer.  If choosing a plastic or acrylic cross necklace for someone under the age of 18, it is not the best choice due to it's weak carbon bond structure, making it more likely to break.  

It is important to consider safety and durability when purchasing a cross necklace for someone as a gift, especially someone under the age of 18, to avoid issues with skin sensitive or having it accidentally break.  If the chain or pendant breaks, it could potentially cause a feeling of heart break, which is to be avoided. 

- which includes references to materials used.


Style is important to making a cross necklace wearable. You must feel comfortable wearing it.

When purchasing a cross necklace for someone else, consider what could work for them in their personal style.

By considering both practical use and personal style, you will be on the right path to choosing the most appropriate cross necklace for the particular needs of the one wearing it.  

If you or someone you are giving it to chooses to wear a cross necklace on a daily basis, it can be helpful to have more than one cross necklace so that you can change the cross necklace to match what you are wearing.  

In summary, when you are choosing a cross necklace for yourself or others, it is wise to consider the practical elements of size, material and weight along with the style considerations.